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My Money Strategy to Make More Money by Making Less Hours

My Money Strategies to make more money by working less hours
Dr. Jane Cheng

I am passionate to help many entrepreneurs to be productive to make more money without working too hard to lose life.  I helped many Entrepreneurs to get their live back to love their work and to love their life. I develop a Money signature system to help people to change their mindset and habit in order to focus on what they love to make more money. I love to help people to make more money while they enjoy their life.

MONEY strategies to make 6 figure income while your love your life and work
M-Money mindset
O-Open to have fun to enjoy your life
N-Say no to focus on one main thing
E-Evaluate how you spend your time, money and energy
Y-Say yes to divine opportunities to develop your team and system

M-I help people to change their money mindset. I empower people to rewrite their stories to have positive view of their past to resolve conflicts, hurt and irrational beliefs. I help people to become the author of their life to write their chapters with new perspectives. I used to believe spiritual persons should not make much money to put myself in financial hardship situation for years. I was able to change my belief to create abundant money mindset to help many business owners to be spiritual and also wealthy.

O-We need to be open to have fun in our business and life. Many business owners work too hard 24/7 without stop to sacrifice family relationship and health. I struggled with my time and health in the past when I tried to build up my business. I am able to balance my life now to have some fun to travel to enjoy food and have good connection with people. I was sick to have health issues for years when I worked too many hours in my career. I am able to use nature herb products and essential oil to completely heal my body and to enjoy my life now.

N-Say No to any distractions to focus on one main thing.
We only have 24 hours and limited energy. Many entrepreneurs do not have clear focus on how they use their time, energy and money. I help people to set a clear goal in order to set priorities daily to better use their time and energy. I also help people to overcome their need to say yes to everything and to be perfect in order to value their time to be productive. I explore with people to focus on one main thing they are good at in order to delegate others tasks to contractors or their team members.
E-Evaluate how you spend your time, energy and money to elevate yourself
I help people to record how they spend their time, energy and money in order to change their daily habits to better use their time and money wisely. I deliver healing for people to be free from negative energy from their environment to create positive circle of influence in order to stay in abundant wealthy vibration to have big dream to reach their big destiny.

Y-Say yes to opportunities to grow yourself and your business
I strongly recommend people to learn daily to update their knowledge and change their attitude in life and business. I create strategies for people to understand what they need to do to change business model and to invest money to learn new things, hire new staff or use new software. I help people to analyze cost and benefit in order to decide whether they will grab some business opportunities to expand their company.

I am able to work less than 40 hours per week while I double my monthly income. Her great strategies and insights helped me to cut down cost and make more money with short period of time. I strongly recommend business owners to work with Dr. jane Cheng to change your life and business.  T.B
Dr. Jane Cheng helped me to change my mindset to be able to make more money while I have better connected with God as a spiritual person. I am able to enjoy my work and also have more fun with my family members now. She changed my life and my business.  C.C

I used to play safe but I can play a bigger game now after Dr. Cheng helped me to remove my negative energy and beliefs from my past to form healthy positive beliefs to make me become a new person. If you want to live a happier life to make more money to help others, she is the best coach I have ever worked with.  She helped you to develop your own business you loved. She is caring and loving but she will confront you when you need to break through some bad habits or bad to speak the truth to set you free. She is an expert to provide your great strategies with her health and business background.  D.C.

Please email Dr. Jane Cheng at or

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select resumes reviews on Friday, May 10, 2019 12:54 AM
To become rich and be successful the thing you always needed to do it to balanced your time, spending too much at work will not give you a wealthy life, yes will give you a high salary but will give you headaches in many reasons. Example, if you already have your own family, lack of time for your child and husband will give a trouble to you, your kids needed and wants your attention and love. Your health also be affected, working with so many hours with no rest can give you sickness and weakness.
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